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Drop-in programs are made to fit your schedule. Only pay for classes you attend. See more Drop-In Programs on the main Programs Page. Call (618)346-7529 or email us for info.
Interested in learning more or looking to register?  Call (618)346-7529 or email us
Early registration and resident discounts are available for some programs.  Are you a resident of The Collinsville Area Recreation District?  Check the FAQ Webpage for details on getting a Benefit ID.
Resident of the CARD District? Check the FAQ Webpage for details on getting a Benefit ID.
Class Description:
We're pleased to offer two new Taichi drop-in classes at the Activity Center.
24 form:  Open to everyone, the Yang 24 is an excellent Taichi form to help introduce new students to Taichi principles, yet thorough enough to further even an advanced student's study.
28 form: Open to students with previous Taichi or traditional martial arts experience. Wudang style Taichi is the original style created by Zhang San Feng of which all other forms of Taichi have descended from.

This is a drop-in class.  Just pay when you arrive for the class and come to sessions that fit your schedule.   You can also pay just per month and come to all the classes you want!  Looking to learn more?  Visit Mike Tomasovich's Autumn Sky Taichi on Facebook.

Class Name: Tai Chi Classes
Age Range: 18 years & up
Entry Fee: $15 Per Session OR
48 Per Month
Location: Activity Center
Yang Class: Tuesdays: 6:30 pm
Wudang Class: Tuesdays: 7:30 pm
Tai Chi Class
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