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Where is the Activity Center located?
The Activity Center is located at 10 Gateway Dr. in Collinsville, IL. Right next to Splash City Family Water Park. The phone number is (618)346-7529.
What is a Benefit ID?
Collinsville Area Recreation District Residents can obtain a Benefit ID which enables the ID holder to received reduced rates on programs, special events, and facility rentals.
How Much is a Benefit ID?
Benefit ID's are free unless you need a replacement. Replacement cards can be made at a cost of $3 per card.
How can I tell if I qualify?
You need to find out if you pay taxes to the Collinsville Area Recreation District.

If you live in Madison county you can search at:

If you live in St. Clair county you can search at:

Search for your address then click on the "Taxing Bodies Information" link to view a list of all district taxes you pay. If "Collinsville Area Recr." shows up then you are in district and qualify for a Benefit ID.

Or if you can't find results you can come to the CARD administrative offices, located at 10 Gateway Drive in Collinsville, where our staff is more than happy to assist you.
Okay, I qualify. how can I get one?
All you need to do is bring your photo ID and property tax bill, or voter's registration card, to 10 Gateway Drive in Collinsville. We'll enter you into our system, print ID's for you and your family on the spot and then you're all set to start saving!
How long is a Benefit ID good for?
The card is valid for two years when you'll need to reverify your information on file and have updated photos taken.
What if I lose my card?
If you or your family member loses their card before the 2 year expiration date you can have a replacement printed at the administrative offices for $3 per replacement card.

Reminder: Every CARD resident over the age of 3 must have an ID to receive reduced rates.
Do I need to be a resident to partcipate in programs and events?
Not at all! Residents get a discount for programs and classes but enrollment is available to anyone interested in taking a class or program.
Can I try a class to see if I like it before I sign up?
If you'd like to try out a any of our six-week programs you can sit in on a class at no charge! Just call us at (618)346-7529 to schedule the day you or your child want to participate in a class.
I have multiple children that want to take a class, are there group offers?
Yes! You can sign up multiple children from the same household and receive the following discounts:

2 children receive 10% the total off enrollment
3 children receive 15% the total for enrollment
4 children receive 20% the total for enrollment
This special isn't available online so be sure to come to the Activity Center or call (618)346-7529 to register over the phone.
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