Activity Center Solar Array
Read below for details on the solar array located at the CARD Activity Center.
In 2014, we were awarded a $417, 690 grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation which helped fund 49% of a $853,347 renewable solar energy system.
   During the period of May 1, 2014 through April 1, 2015, 679 solar panels were installed in an effort to curtail the increase in electrical cost and reduce our carbon foot print by offsetting 47.7% of the annual consumption. The installations of the Solar Photovoltaic panels are capable of generating over 246,898 kWh of electricity annually. This is equivalent to cutting electricity based on CO2 emissions from 15.5 homes energy use annually.
   CARD board members met with Day & Night Solar and decided to partner with them because of their experience with solar installations. Together, an application and proposal was submitted to Illinois Clean Energy with design plans of a system that would offset 25% of Splash City’s power consumption during June, July and August.
   The project consists of three structures. The first two structures are located within Splash City while the third structure is located in the CARD parking lot providing shaded parking for approximately 55 vehicles.
   There is also web monitoring system in the CARD Activity Center lobby showing the energy produced to date, CO2 avoided costs, savings and more information.
   Calculations show CARD saving an estimated $27,405.00 annually in power savings.

The array officially went live on March 25th, 2015.
Dec 8th 2014, \beginning work
Dec14th 2014, supports being installed
Dec 14th, 2014, top view
Jan 15th, 2015, panels being installed
Jan 15th, 2015, bottom view
March 25th, 2015, array is online and producing electricity!
Array over the Flowrider at Splash City, March 2015
Benefits of the Solar Energy Program

Estimated annual energy savings of $27,405 per year
Reduction of CO2 emissions equivilent to 15.5 homes.
The potential to act as a disaster relief area for Collinsville and surrounding area residents in the event of emergencies.
Provides shaded areas for parking.
Opens the door for future renewable energy opportunities for CARD.
Helps to move Collinsville towards even more Green energy projects.
Activity Center Solar Array
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