Mother-Son Superhero Ball

Interested in learning more or looking to register?  Call (618)346-7529 or email us.  You can click "Register Online" to visit our online store and sign up.
Interested in learning more or looking to register?  Call (618)346-7529 or email us
Early registration and resident discounts are available for some programs.  Are you a resident of The Collinsville Area Recreation District?  Check the FAQ Webpage for details on getting a Benefit ID.
Resident of the CARD District? Check the FAQ Webpage for details on getting a Benefit ID.

Event Description:

  Calling all heroes!  You've been keeping the streets clean around St. Louis for years.  Now we're taking time out to say thank you for all your hard work.  Call your mom, aunt, grandma, or any other important female figure in your life and tell her you're both invited to the the Superhero Ball being hosted by CARD at the Gateway Center on May 11th, 2018 from 6 pm to 9 pm. 
  We'll have plenty of games, music, plenty of food, and the perfect networking opportunity to form your own super team with other heroes from the area!  Check out the night's menu.
Event Name: Super Hero Ball
Age Range: 3 - 16 years
Entry Fee: Resident Mom: $28
Resident Son: $25
Non-Res Mom: $
Non-Res Son: $28
Location: Gateway Center
Time(s): 6 pm - 9 pm
Date: Fri, May 11th, 2018
Mother Son Super Hero Dance

Support this Event

We're looking for support from local business owners who want to help support our Mother-Son Dance events.   If you'd like to promote your business at the Superhero Ball 2018 please contact CARD at (618)346-7529.

Ways to Support Us

The following options are limited in number, so book your spot now!

Create an Activity

We're looking for anyone who wants to set up some fun activities or challenges for our superhero teams!  Click the link below to learn more on the sign-up form.

Reserve a Table

Table reservations are available for groups of up to 8.  Each table reservation is $50.

Business Booth

Sell or distribute your wares at Daddy Daughter for the evening. $75 per table.

Event Sponsor

We'll place your cards, signs, or company info at one of the prominent tables at the front so everyone can learn about your organization or business and we'll mention you on the event page and send a thank you out to our followers.  $50 per table.

Business Card Placement

Your provided business cards and flyers will be placed in the gift bags that are distributed at the end of the night. $50 per business.

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