How to Request a Field Online

Interested in learning more or looking to reserve?  Call (618)346-7529 or email us.  You can click "Request Online" to do an online reservation request.
Interested in learning more or looking to reserve?  Call (618)346-7529 or email us
  If you need assistance with submitting a request, or have any other issues, please email us and we'll do everything we can to assist you.  Payment must be made in full by the day of your reservation in order to secure a rental.  If at any time you wish to cancel a reservation please call or email the CARD Activity Center within 48-hours of your rental to receive a refund.

Having Trouble Submitting a Request?

  If you would like to submit a form in person simply click the Rental Request Form link on any of the Field Rental page, print it out, fill it in , and bring it to the CARD Activity Center to submit your request.  You can then opt to pay via cash, check, or credit card to secure your rental.

How to Reserve a Field via Our Manual Form

  Reserving a field, or submitting a reservation permit, is the process where you use your WebTrac user account to request a specific field for a specific period of time.  Once you submit a request please allow up to 5 business days for a response.  Once your request is approved you can opt for a variety of ways to pay: over the phone at (618)346-7529, via your WebTrac account by clicking My Account and then clicking the Pay Old Balances link, or in person at our Activity Center, located at 10 Gateway Dr. in Collinsville, IL.

How to Reserve a Field Online

What to do About Inclement Weather

  If your game day is rained out please contact our Recreation Coordinator and we can assist you with rescheduling your field rental, at no charge to you.  Refunds may be available in certain circumstances.
  Once your field rental request is approved you can pay in a variety of ways:

About Paying for a Rental

    Payment must be completed in order to secure a rental.  Please be aware if you cannot pay within 1 business day your rental day may go to someone else!
Please note that by submitting you a request you are agreeing to abide by all the rules and regulations of any facilities owned and operated by the Collinsville Area Recreation District.  Payment is required to secure a rental.  No refunds are available after a rental date is reached.  Refund requests must be submitted at least 48-hours before a rental for a request to be considered.

1.) Call and pay over the phone via credit card at (618)346-7529
2.) Pay online by logging into Webtrac, going to My Account, and clicking "Pay Old Balances"

3.) Pay in person by visiting us at the CARD Activity Center located at 10 Gateway Dr. in Collinsville, IL.
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